Leftover Soup

by Joanna D.

It’s nice sometimes, to have a hot bowl of soup. Get a chance to slow down; sit, let the warmth seep through. Soup. Nourishment. It’s so simple, so easy. Leftover soup, often more flavorful than the first go around, heat it up in a pan and enjoy. All the ingredients have had time to fully meld together. Makes the place smell nice; stove heats the room a little – conditions are right. Times like these are ones to keep in the memory rolodex; the simplicity in taking a moment and enjoying something. Often, when we are presented with the opportunity to actually slow down and sit, it’s not as voluntary or enjoyable as this.

After living in the same place for nearly a … long time, the handle on the door to the back porch had begun to deteriorate.  This hadn’t been a problem until the other night when it finished it’s deterioration and denied my re-entry. No way. I have stuff to do… places to be! I was stuck on the porch. Hmmm.

I was able to get a call out and eventually help was on the way. Phew. No problem, I will have a seat. After all, it was completely out of my control. I sat. Not a lot that I could do… pacing, thoughts of breaking the door, sit.  Perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t have much choice in the matter or that I knew the door would open eventually, but in the end I did choose to sit, be still … and it felt good… it took a minute though.

The weekend continued in this way, ripple effects of changing plans, altering the course. Nothing seemed to pan out. It was as if my brain, was deteriorating like that damn door handle. The more I tried to open the door, the more stuck I felt. Several times, having to return to a seated position. After some time and effort, I chose to sit, like left over soup, and let the ingredients meld together…

In other news

India – been dreaming about it. It’s right around the corner! My friend Lars and I will be traveling together. We both practice at yoga shala Spokane and in about six weeks we will be walking the streets of Mysore. Been chatting about apartments and things to pack. Prepping. It’s all coming so fast!