The Market

by Joanna D.


First trip to the market in downtown Mysore. Really the second but we actually went in this time… Maria, Dan and I hopped in a rickshaw and headed out. This was last Saturday. So vibrant. We got pegged right away as tourists (not difficult to do) and immediately had several “guides” helping us along our way through the market. They were relentless! I don’t believe I have ever been hounded that much to buy something. Relentless. It doesn’t matter how many times you say no. And then you buy something to make them stop. But it doesn’t stop. They send one of their friends over. And the process starts again. Eventually we had to really tell them to leave us alone. Not so fun and kind of a bummer but we made it through.

Regardless, it was quite the experience. Fruit and vegetables everywhere. Flowers. Oh man, the flowers! All colors. Chalk die, paints, images, statues. It went on and on. We ended up needing to get out of there and ditch our new found “friends”. Had a bite to eat and went to a fabric store. Man! So cool! Beautiful fabric. So much it was overwhelming. I ended up getting measured for a couple pairs of pants and a tunic. Spent a little cash but hopefully it will be worth it. I know the experience was.

Enjoy the Photos. Some of market – some randoms – lots of love.