Three Sisters and Lakshmipuram

by Joanna D.


The Three Sisters, known for their delicious homemade food and juices. They also offer cooking classes, massage and yoga. A few of us decided to make a lunch date and head to Lakshmipuram. Maria, Dan, Peter, Lars and I. Quick background on Lakshmipuram… it is an older part of Mysore City and where the original Shala was. This is the area were Guruji first taught westerners. The radical way.

Their house is on a side street, sort of looks like no one would live there. I was a little unsure of this whole situation as the roof looked like it could collapse at any moment. But I have to say that once I got in there, I was totally enchanted with the place and they were three of the loveliest people. They made delicious food, which we ate off tin plates (the usual anywhere you go to eat) while sitting on the floor, and they just kept bringing more! It was quite an experience. The one that is teaching yoga was taught by Guruji; Lars had met her on his last trip. She remembered him and was very happy to see him. She has been teaching ashtanga there and is currently building a studio. We were lucky to have gotten a tour of the construction going on and take some photos from the top. So here are a few, along with some random ones from the neighborhood. Enjoy!