Tattooed Dude

by Joanna D.

Paying homage to the guy on the street tattooing passersby with his battery powered tattoo machine and enthusiastic side kick. I haven’t seen many tattoos on the local Indians. This guy however was super tattooed… uniquely.

It’s not everyday you get to see someone stop and get a tattoo while walking to the bus station. Kind of what I imagine tattoos in prison would be like. Maybe the guy above was in prison when he got his. Wonder which would be cleaner. Wonder if his mom is gonna be pissed. Wonder if he is going to wake up a little ways down the road with Hepatitis. I remember telling someone I wanted to get a tattoo in India… ummmh.

See the wires going into the little blue bag? Battery power baby. Those things on the ground are stamps for him to use for outlining images. Straight up.

Some of you saw this last one on facebook; the backpack and facial expression is just… priceless. Totally worth a second posting.