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There is a place called Odanadi where women and children get a safe place to live. Boys and young men as well. It is a sad thing in India, or any place for that matter, where abuse is rampant. Women, children have no place to go. End up on the street, sold, or worse, continue […]


Second road trip…¬†Bylakuppe. This is a Tibetan refugee camp, actually more like a town, located a couple hours drive out of Mysore. The temple there was amazing. The Golden Temple. Walking around the grounds, in a quiet and serene setting was an extremely peaceful experience. Again, some drive-by shots of the life and countryside we […]


Here are some images from a trip to a place called¬†Somnathpur, and a very old Hindu temple. The carvings are amazing. Blows my mind the amount of time and dedication that went into each individual piece. Whoa. Also, some extra images, drive by shooting style… in a non-violent way.