by Joanna D.


There is a place called Odanadi where women and children get a safe place to live. Boys and young men as well. It is a sad thing in India, or any place for that matter, where abuse is rampant. Women, children have no place to go. End up on the street, sold, or worse, continue to be abused in their home situations. Odanadi is a place of refuge for those suffering such abuses. They have been in operation for more than twenty years and have rescued over 3,000 girls in that time. Lars was a volunteer at the girls home teaching a few of them some math skills in preparation for their exams. A difficult thing for any student here.

Here are a few images from a concert we attended to help raise funds for a boys home. Ravi Shankar Mishra and an amazing tabla player graced the grounds with their incredible talents. Some of the girls were  giving henna tattoos while others passed out fresh lemonade and we all got a personal tour of the home. Quite the event.

You can learn more about Odanadi and their efforts to stop human trafficking by visiting their website.

Love, light and peace.