by Joanna D.

Fog. Waltzing through clarity of sight. Take in breath. The floor… so soft. Softness. Length through limbs and extremities, reach. Expand ribs, collarbones. Expansion… open to self, open to self.

Wide awake this morning – 4am. It would be somewhere around 4pm on Samudra beach. My Kovalam hood. Coming back to the states has been a trip. And I’m not just talking about the 40 hours spent in Airports and stuffy planes. Going from one filled with beautiful brown skin, bindis and the sent of curry to one filled with the booze soaked remnants of a leftover redneck fishing trip. Nope, not just that kind of trippy.

It’s raining now. The air, cool and dry. Tired in a way I have never been tired before. Not so much in my body, although that is present, but mostly my mind – a mental exhaustion. A physically-mental exhaustion. Trying to bring my thoughts back here. Maybe they just didn’t make it on the plane. Finding a way to make sense of what I just did. Intense moments overcome with emotion. What DID I just do? Perhaps the ‘here’ I am thinking I need to bring thoughts back to no longer exists. For me it’s changed. Shifted. My here is something different than it once was. What a blessing. What a blessing!!

So far… phone calls, several hugs and welcome backs. Visits with friends and the short synopsis of what it was like; an experience unexplainable. If only there were a word that could express the level beauty…

In three weeks, I head to Philadelphia. The next trip – east coast, USA.
Stay tuned.