Safe is Sexy

by Joanna D.

I have been trying for weeks to sort out the thoughts in my mind. At least enough to write a post. Tell you all how things are going, what’s on the forefront of the Philly move.

While the sorting is still sorting itself out, I can say this… so far, I love riding a bicycle through the city. Sort of end up feeling like a bad ass when I get to my destination. Even with a helmet on. Which I am told is sexy. Safe is sexy. Totally going with that.

Pranayama with David Garrigues

As always, the yoga is teaching me many things. Humility, focus, breath. It has its work cut out for it, uh, me. It is exciting to be here and to practice with these dedicated people. A blessing. Only thing missing is my dedicated peeps from the West Coast. Hope you all are looking into plane tickets… I’m just sayin’.

The weather tends to be cloudy. Windy. A little rain. Not bad though. Unless I’m on the bike. Or walking. Need to get some rain gear and a proper messenger bag. Eventually should get a bike of my own. And a tire pump. Yes, a tire pump.

Found a little work here and there. Very optimistic that more is coming my way. My new friend Bridget owns and operates Bella Forte, a bookbinding and letterpress company. So if anyone out there likes the idea of custom built boxes and books… she does amazing work. And it’s shippable. Just wait, we are going to make some awesome stuff together.

All in all there are many beautiful things in this city. Architecture, gelato. So, as the sorting continues to sort itself, I will keep taking myself to practice, making rad friends and finding my breath.

Stay Tuned.