Got My Six Shooters On.

by Joanna D.

Sunday pracitce.
Preparing for backbends, a couple extra breaths on the floor. The words are heard every time whether he’s there or not. Don’t wait. One… two… three Urdhva D; up you come come. Standing. That’s right. I got this. Slight sway from side to side. Keepin’ it loose, yo. Hands on my hips, pointers forward, pistols cocked. Pshew-pshewI got my six shooters onSlight breeze trickles through the cracked window. The Good the Bad and the Ugly’s theme song makes it’s way into the back of my mind… Go ahead. Breathe in… breathe out drop back.

Saturday Flee Market.
Just around the corner from home; another park I get to ride through on my route to/from daily practice. Some awesome people watching, and listening… lots of dolls and baseballs and guns. Enjoy.

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