Motivation Superstore

by Joanna D.

Today I had the opportunity to take a long practice. Purposefully. Sleep in, start a little late – take my time – even allowed for the ultra long closeout and a sneak attack Savasana nap. Four hours later…

For the most part it was super enjoyable. Time to settle into a rhythm, explore my breath and posture, but of course, not entirely seamless.

There are times I really have to talk myself through my practice. Could have stepped on my mat with loads of energy and good intentions and somewhere along the way it goes down hill. Fast. Physical discomfort? Planning for the weekend? Random thoughts? All these thought patterns create obstacles to practice, make me forget which side of the posture I’m on or worst-case scenario sets me up for a negligent fall into injury.

Redirect my focus and look for inspiration.

Luckily, I’ve been blessed with a teacher who continually inspires me. Inspires me to keep moving, to breathe, find my foundational orientation and bring my body into alignment. To look deeper; continue the search into both the shadows and the brilliance of my inner Self and to see that both the terrible and beautiful pieces are simply information I can use to propel forward.

So what to do when my teacher isn’t there? Or no one is there? On those super difficult days when the snooze button gets a workout. How to keep the inspiration going and stay motivated enough to take practice.

Find the words of my teacher and bring them into my own voice.

Recap the nuggets of knowledge that are constantly being threaded into my time in the Mysore room, time in my studies. Getting to know my breath is one way. Finding the count within the series is another way. Following the knowledge and sensation of rhythm within the depths of movement will bring that focus and create the inspiration required to come to my mat. Everyday, with or without my teacher being physically present, I have his words and teachings to look to. I have his teachings inside me and every time I step on my mat is an opportunity to develop those teachings into tools of exploration.

That’s my motivation… exploration into the vast expanse of self-knowledge and ability to nourish my inner-self through practice. A personal exploration into the depths of my own personal practice.

“… where else have you heard a sound like this? …”