On the Road Again

by Joanna D.

It’s been slightly more than a year since I stepped off a 747 in Bangalore, India. Full of anticipation, excitement… faith. Believing things have a way of working themselves out; that blessings would come and healing could happen. It did. And, it was only the beginning.


Upon my return to the states and a three-day drive across the country I joined up with my teacher David Garrigues here in cozy Philadelphia, PA and became a real yoga bum. (Well kind of. Pretty sure I put in a fair amount of effort…) There have been many difficulties and hurtles to tackle or jump over or through or kick down or whatever. My faith jar has been depleted and refilled, depleted and refilled (nine months on the east coast can do that to a girl… this girl). Discovering myself as an individual, a seeker, a student, a teacher. Continually I am blown away by the reality of what I am doing here. What I have done here. That I decided this was necessary in my life and that I chose to do something about making it happen. Continually blown away by the incredible amount of support and faith that has been shown to me and towards that effort. It’s unbelievable!! SO MUCH LOVE and GRATITUDE to all of my peeps, pals, fellow yogi’s, chai lovers and guardians. You make me want to sing super loud!

Now, the time has come again for sorting and packing and moving. Uprooting some of the roots I have put down over the last several months and preparing to stick them in a basement to await my return. Surrounded by boxes, dirty laundry and dried up tea bags, I sit in disbelief. I’m going back to India. And, it’s still only the beginning.

“My guru gave me only one advice —
from outside transfer the attention within.
That became Lalla’s initiation —
that is why I began to wander naked.”
Lalla – verse 50