Fly, fly away.

by Joanna D.

Photo on 7-23-13 at 6.48 AM #2

Somehow I feel I’m forgetting something. Like I will walk out the door and realize I forgot my keys as soon as the door latches. Or the inevitable phone call that I left some deed undone or have the middle of the night panic that the stove wasn’t turned off. I feel weird. I already miss people. Pre-flight jitters? Separation anxiety? Come on! It’s two weeks… really.

The reality…?

I can’t wait to see those mountains, to sip a cup of coffee with my mom on her back porch, to see the night sky – clear, bright, crisp –  to tell my Grandmother that I love her, to see both my brothers… at the same time, to kiss my nephews and nieces. I can’t wait to dip my toes in the river, to sit around a campfire – no camping required, to drive – really drive, to practice with old friends and west side ashtanga family. I can’t wait. I can’t wait!