And now I’m 34.

by Joanna D.


There’s something beautiful about a good piece of pie. Buttery crust, sweet – but not too sweet filling with a scoop of ice cream and a piping hot cup of coffee. Timeless.

Today, I turned 34. I’m still single, have no cats, no dogs, no secure income, no insurance. I wear hand me downs, buy candles at Ross, give mixed cd’s for birthday or christmas or everything gifts. I generally always eat my leftovers and cut the bad part off old fruit because the rest of it’s still good. I used to think it was gross when my dad would cut the mold off a block of cheddar cheese but now I understand. I splurge on hats, jackets, jewelry and under ware. I have a pair of Dansko’s I’ve worn for more than six years – on the dance floor, miles of walking and a sweet tumble down some Philly stairs. Still wear them. I love those shoes.

I cry at old movies, disney cartoons, and commercials. Dumb ones. I crave nature, green pastures, rivers, lakes and mountains. I find wildlife peaceful. I appreciate space, skylines, stars and quiet. I mostly prefer coffee over tea, depending on time of day. I eat spinach from a box. I enjoy farmers markets yet find them annoying at the same time.

I practice ashtanga everyday. I benefit from learning to breathe with intelligence, to move with intelligence, to cultivate intelligence. I still get bummed out when my body wont do what I tell it too yet develop compassion, understanding and new strategies for myself and my students through those times. I still don’t have “it” figured out. Some things I have figured out. Some really good things. I’m grateful for that.

abhyāsa-vairāgyābhyām tan-nirodhah