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by Joanna D.


In some ways, I feel I’ve come to realize a sensation of dignity within my practice. (Dignity: the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.) Meaning… I respect it.

I feel as if the way I am learning to practice and study this lineage is honoring what I believe to be it’s purpose; developing consciousness. More specifically, developing the conscious awareness of opposing forces, lifting into the resistance of gravity, understanding the guidance of uddiyana bandha. Discovering a new found rootedness that stands clearly within my being as I solidify the primary or explore my limits within second and third.

This dignity, a source of self-centeredness, (in the sense of balance, not in the sense of conceited egoism) reveals a need for tolerance, as well as dedication and observation. Seeing the connectivity between a grounded set of shins and the lift of the spine as it gracefully arches over an imaginary bubble into the conundrum that is Kapotasana. Dignity, tolerance, grace, connectivity, rootedness. Thank you, David, for teaching me their importance and encouraging me to develop them within myself.