Strong Voice

by Joanna D.

What was it…? Try though you know you wont get there? Oh! Such fear! I have to know, to understand, to reach that place of finality! What is the destination?! I want to get there! Ahhhhhh!!!

Yet, what does it matter if I get there and have learned nothing of the process? Why would I choose to bypass such opportunity for knowledge and understanding and compassion gained from effort? Pass through this fear and try it all because it sits inside, for only this one Self.

Allow the darkness of fear. Let it touch you, as the light is also there.

Take your mind to that other place. Sukha. That place of healing and love and weightlessness. Where emotion riding on the surface dissipates through layers of compassion and empathy. Grace. Fill your mind, your movement, with grace. Solid as the mountains trees, soft as the peonies petals and joyous as bouncing light through a windows prism.

Sing with a strong voice and let your heart be full.