Dig Your Practice

by Joanna D.

Because it’s yours.

Modifications are the magical secret of every serious asana lover. They know it is imperative that we open our minds to ways of studying our bodies in asana that allow all body types, abilities, and circumstances the chance to dive deeply into a study of movement. The mindful exploration of foundation and alignment through modifications or prop use, gives an average asana shape the opportunity to blossom into its fullest potential and opens the door to those who might otherwise have been unable, injured by life, or over adjustment or lack of support. Not only this, but understanding how to suitably use props and execute modifications for ones particular situation creates a carefully crafted arsenal of practice tools to be used as life’s unpredictable ebbs and flows hit us.

The use of modifications or props should not be regarded as a temporary nuisance but rather the means to develop a deeper understanding of wellness and movement. Hold this as a brilliant form of self expression, breath investigation, and healing. Modifications and prop use are not about pushing past resistance or internalizing or ignoring pain or “cheating”. Modifications and props are learning tools designed to help you discover your own power, to get in tune with your own unique self and set of circumstances, to tap into your own internal knowledge and embrace the constant of change as something we can adapt for gracefully.

Join me Saturday, June 5, 2021 for the workshop, Dig Your Practice, a special class dedicated to this exact topic. Be sure to register early!