Kovalam – Rambling Update

by Joanna D.

Knew it was a good omen when I met a charismatic woman from Argentina in the Bangalore airport. After asking for the use of my computer to confirm pickup at her destination, we found our itineraries to be quite similar. Destination Kovalam. She offered me a cup of chai and we settled in, awaiting our flight. While watching a flock of small birds fly through the food court she told me what she does for a living… teaches sewing and origami. And not in some conventional way – in a creative and interesting way. As she explained it to me, how she had left a job that wasn’t fulfilling and found this new thing, I heard the creativity I have been craving to find in my own life. Beautiful. Inspirational moment… I believe there will be many in the coming weeks.

Arriving in Kovalam.
First impression… it’s damn hot. Humid. Shit. Then I saw the ocean… BEAUTIFUL. Nothing quite as powerful and mesmerizing as that. It’s incredible. I could sit and watch the waves all day and never get bored. Burnt to a crisp perhaps but not bored.

A man named Saji picked me up at the airport. Brother to the owner of the house I am in, Aji. Yes… Saji and Aji. The house is beautiful. It has a kitchen, A/C in the bedroom, teapot, five-minute walk from the beach. It’s a ways from the main area, Lighthouse Beach, where the yoga is going on but that is kind of a good thing too. Really digging the separateness of it. Best of all, I’m on my own here. Some much needed personal space. Aahhhh. So blessed.

The house basically came with a driver/PA, Binu. Lifelong friend of Aji and Saji. In India if someone can’t do something for you, their friend or family member can. No problem. So far, he’s pretty awesome. Picks me up for class in the morning, brings me home after. Takes my laundry someplace for washing (only some… I wash the intimates and yoga duds), empties my “rubbish bin” and cleans. He checks in too, makes sure I’m ok, kind of like my bodyguard – plus he makes me laugh. So, that’s a bonus.

The Yoga.
It is so nice to be able to simply go into the room, put my mat down and start. No waiting, no pushing, no… BS. Practice, breathe, practice, breathe. And of course… it’s with David. There’s a bit of a transition happening in me. Some notions of not knowing exactly where I am with my practice and perhaps a little fear of moving beyond my current stopping point. Still striving for a sense of feeling grounded. A solidness. Focus. Like something in me is still not fighting hard enough to access the tipping point. You know, the one that will blow the doors off the house of self-doubt.

The difference.
Between Mysore and Kovalam – it’s like night and day. Two very different intensities. I miss the fresh flowers for sale on nearly every street and easy access to fresh fruit and veggies. I miss Shri Durga, one of the best restaurants in Gokalum. I miss watching the morning ritual of entryways being cleaned, prepped for the coming day and the creation of fresh rangolis. There are even certain aspects of KPJAYI that I miss as well. BUT – I am certainly feeling the love, finally, and in a big way.   ~ Nothing takes the place of that ~