Is the rule of three a real thing?

by Joanna D.


One: phone stolen. Mostly an inconvenience, an invasion of privacy. What could they possibly have wanted with that phone? It wasn’t fancy. Wasn’t worth anything. At least not to anyone but me. 

Two: broken talus bone, left foot. Surgery needed. This is the worst bit. No walking on it for three months. Everything is hard. Harder. Bathing is an accomplishment. On the plus side, once the pain subsides to a more tolerable level, it will be fun to explore asana from a new perspective. And the pranayama sessions… off the hook. Right?!

Three: car gets totaled. My friend offered to drive me to Durham, where I will be getting the foot surgery and spending my recovery. On our way here, in my car, we were run off the road by a man in a pickup. No one was hurt. We were lucky. The car is totaled.

The most frustrating part? I was just about to settle in. Had a plan. A good plan. Things were looking real solid. Then, BAM!

Has there been a mad, planetary shift? A universal change in game plan? A cosmic practical joker getting his kicks? I can only trust that it’s the rule of three, that it’s actually a real thing, and things will be turning around from here out.