Taking it in the Talus. Part One.

by Joanna D.

“The talus is a compact bone that sits between the calcaneus (heel bone) and the tibia and fibula (bones of the lower leg).  Because the talus is a primary connection between the bones of the ankle, a fractured talus can severely limit the ability to walk and bear weight.” – someplace on the internet


The two x-rays on the left were taken three weeks after the accident. The image on the right is what a normal, healthy foot looks like. As Dr. Zura from Duke Hospital put it, “there are three components to look at here.”

1. Os Trigonum. This had nothing to do with the injury but is an interesting find and could pose a potential problem in the future.

2. Lateral fracture of the talus. Shattered. “Snowboarders break.”

3. Left distal fibular fracture.

The next level, is what Dr. Loard at Triangle Orthopedics classifies as, “a sever sprain and some tearing of the ligaments surrounding the ankle.” As of now, I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid surgery though it may be necessary at a later date if any one of these components become an issue due to their inability to heal.

Back to the beginning….

I was pretty much alone, stuck in New York with my thoughts and a bottle of Percocet. “Where do I go from here? Am I going to get surgery? Where? How am I going to do this? I’m going to need some serious help.” Thankfully, I was tossed a boon: Suzanne Faulkner. My dear friend and fellow ashtangi, invited me to come to Durham and stay in the apartment connected to her house and eventually practice in the yoga studio on the second floor.

IMG_1509Next step, get back to Philly, pack up my apartment (the lease was up two weeks post accident) and figure out how to get to Durham. Second boon: Elizabeth Sitzler… my wing man? my front man? Whatever she is, aside from being my friend/saving grace she brought food, clothes, books and yoga props to the hospital, took me back to Philly and organized a packing crew to take care of my apartment. Not only that, she took over my classes at AYS and has been holding down the fort on her own since my departure.

Now, to North Carolina. Fly? Bus? Drive? Third boon: Christine Myers. Another friend who offered to drive me to Durham and stepped in to help get my affairs in order. On our way, not ten minutes past the Maryland state line we survived a crazy freak car accident in which my little red car was totaled. I located a rental for us and Christine, without skipping a beat, transfered all my belongings and ourselves into it and we got back on the road. Goodbye little red car.

Grateful to get here, I settled in and let it all hit me. And it did.

This is what practice looked like three days after the accident. Inhale arms up…