A distant familiarity.

by Joanna D.

A strange sense of familiarity swept over me. Like finger tips swept through a layer of dust on an old mantle. A distant familiarity. I lived here once. Like many places. Many sensations. Hope, excitement, trust, fear, loss.

This body has been searching for healing. For quite some time. Call it a country girl curse, this tendency towards accidental injury. With certainty it is more than this. I see it. However it comes, I’ve grown tired of pain. Physically and mentally tired. Draining and disheartening it steals from me. IT is a thief.

Coincidentally, this pain provides the training grounds for self-development and the discovery of compassion and empathy. What luck.


And where shall this start? Within one’s Self. Myself. Yourself. The pain is there already. My pain. Giving it strength and fuel through self-punishment is asinine. The levels have to go deeper. More focus becomes a requirement. More breath. More silence. More steadiness. Most importantly… light. How else can one reveal what lies in the shadows without LIGHT? Discovery is key.

1. The source of choice; a reasonable place to look for answers.
2. Recognition of limits and boundaries. Recognition and respect for.

The double-edged sword of discovery will never cease to grace us with it’s lessons, heartaches and triumphs. No matter what stage of it. It would be a mistake to believe otherwise.