A Glimpse of Light

by Joanna D.

IMG_2684Is it desire that clouds the clarity of heart or the heart that clouds the clarity of truest sight? To see through to the truest Self? Purpose. Integrity.

What message is intended through this? Through pain, through darkness?

A glimpse of light.

A nasty trick. To be lead along and onward into a deceivingly welcome sitting room only to find there is no fire indeed.

Despair ignites a longing for the knowledge that sits inside to disappear, to end the need to attest to the truth of it.

The ease of ignorance. Nothing more than a lie and less comforting than sitting in a cold, dark room with no heart at all.

Travel on and into your own house. Stoke your own fire. Follow your desire for desirelessness, your truth and knowledge to the edge of all that is dark. For the light will grow stronger still.

An unbreakable force.