by Joanna D.

A year’s gone by since the trajectory of what I like to call “my plans”, changed dramatically. A busted ankle/leg/muscular damage was enough to instill some serious limitations, such as the ability to walk. Believing everything I had worked for was no longer within my grasp and spinning out under the weight of unattended and unattainable responsibilities, I made the choice to seek shelter and began the process of healing.

After three months of diligently modifying my daily practice, regularly preforming prescribed physical therapy exercises, and working through some fairly major emotional upheaval, I was shocked to realize it wasn’t over. Not even close. Even now, at a year, residual effects continue to make their presence known. The need to remind myself of the progress I’ve made in recovery while cultivating compassion towards limitations is still alive. I mean really, it could have been so much worse, yet for me and my world it was pretty bad and I could have decided to quit, but I didn’t.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
— Confucius

Things will not be the same. This is not a negative but rather a positive. It serves as a reminder… the time for assessing and clarifying a plan of action is imperative. Identifying what fears are blocking a chance at progress and taking the right kind of risks toward that desired progression have become a game of self-understanding or rather a will to understand the Self. My Self.

Am I trying to be someone I’m not? Or am I not trying hard enough to be the person I’m meant to be?

Creating a place for myself within the world of teaching ashtanga yoga and supporting that devotional passion through work as a freelance graphic designer is no easy task. Each require their own level of focus and dedication. Each, easily full-time explorations as individual prospects, bring not only a means of survival but a level of personal fulfillment in their own unique and beautiful ways.

I’m fortunate enough to spend my mornings practicing, studying and teaching those interested in developing inspiration through devotion in ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga; afternoons designing, creating and cultivating relationships with clients and rockin’ creative individuals who understand what it means to have something to be devoted to. My vision is to be able to do this in places that both inspire me to grow and instill a sense of contentment. Does this happen in one location? In multiple locations? In either case, this is what I believe to be the means by which an enjoyment of, contribution to and involvement with the development of a conscious society can become a reality. Blam.

In the midst of these revolutions within myself I pack a few things and begin the long journey to India. The third pilgrimage. An investigation of presence and cultivation of timeless space. Feeling blessed to be studying with my teacher, immersed in an incredible culture and further developing ideas about my place in the world.